Website Development

One of the most important things in having a successful business is location. No matter what your company is you should have a website. Today, when someone needs a product, service, etc. they go online. Your website is now your store front and statistic show that someone decides if a company is suitable for their needs in the first 10 seconds they are on their site. Like the way people look for a company, the way they use the internet has also changed. Even if you have a website it still may not be enough. More than 60% of traffic is now mobile and older sites don’t render on a mobile phone properly. If a customer is looking at your site on their phone and it doesn’t render properly they’ll move on to a competitor.

Today, there are new and easier ways to have a website. It no longer needs to require you to pay someone every time you want to add new information to your site. Tools like WordPress have brought web design to the common user. We want to help bring it to you so you can freshen up your store front.

We have helped many companies freshen up their website or store front and they can now manage their sales, contacts, newsletters, and most of all manage their own site themselves. Let us help you. No matter if you already have a site or need one made from scratch, we are happy to assist. After the site is up we will help you learn how to add and manage your site, including elements of Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Bound traffic development.

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