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Why pay tens of thousands when you could pay hundreds?

Your technology is complicated and made up of many devices, software solutions, and security policies. While some issues can’t be avoided, there are many things you can do to ensure you avoid issues that can bring down your business.  Because when your technology goes down, you loose money in staff time, repairs, possible data lose etc.

Current “best practice” includes an IT approach to you charge for “blocks” of time to inspect your technology manually.   Providers that do this, known as “Managed Service Providers”, inspect your technology and do much of which by hand.  They run tasks to see if your patches are up to date, show if your drives are failing, if your systems are infected.  If examined, this practice has a list of steps, many of which can be automated, if only because the very tools used are technological.

Consequently, we have developed an automated means to do this.  “[email protected]” automates:

  • checking tasks (e.g., are your backups working, is your computer infected)
  • many of the “fixing” tasks and/or
  • exception processing to notify us if a problem exists that needs manual intervention

We use our custom solution to monitor your computers, servers, firewalls, and other network devices to ensure that if you have any issues we can resolve them and minimize impacts on your daily operations. By collecting and analyzing logs we are able to flag issues. Why wait until a hard drive fails to find out your backups aren’t working or are backing up corrupted data before you lose everything?

Doing this work manually is comparatively error prone and expensive.  MSPs charge ten of thousands for the block service alternative and it’s easy to miss problems; [email protected] is $360 per site per year, and literally takes minutes to set-up per machine.

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