iPhone 4 – Review

The iPhone 4 has been out for about 2 weeks now. The phone has a great look and feel over the previous model. There are many new features that Apple have built into the phone. One of them is the video chat, but at this point I do not know anyone with the iPhone 4 so I have not used this feature. Battery life seems good, the display is much crisper than the iPhone 3G. One of the best features is you can now have all of your email drop into one inbox from different addresses. Also as emails come in they are stored in folders if they are from a previous email string. Much easier for browsing.

But with all good there must be bad – here is the downside. It seems when I hold the phone in my hands it drops my calls. I believe this has been labeled the “Death Grip”. Through out the net it seems the way to fix this is to get a rubber bumper from Apple. Most of the time I use my phone it is sitting on its dock on my desk or I use the bluetooth in my car. So this happens seldom. I am sure Apple will solve this issue ASAP.

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We’ve taken a preliminary look at the iPad.  Like all of Apple’s technology, it comes with an elegant design and rings the “cool beans” bell.  Like Macs, it comes with a host of software and the familiar Apple iPhone GUI.  You can get a version that connects to ATT wireless network so for a monthly fee you can get Internet pretty much anywhere you can get an ATT cell phone signal.  The iPad however strikes us a “closed” system, so you can only install software that comes through the Apple App channel and while that provides a universe of software, you can’t install things like MS Office or random open source programs.  Apple is generating revenue by selling software through its app store.  Also, we’re not fans of virtual keyboards though we may just be showing our age there.  Lastly, we think users should expect some early days kinds of glitches like some of the hacks recently discovered.

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