Technical Support for Small Office Home Office

Holistic Technical Support

for the SoHo (Small & Home) Office

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Let us take care of your technical headaches with years to back up our approach

Reliable & Versatile

We handle a range of needs given our market, from networks & servers to websites.  Give us a try.

Our mission is to provide outstanding technical support to the SoHo* market

*small office home office

Proactive Focus

Focus on setting things up right and maintaining them so things don’t go wrong.  This includes helping you make the right purchases for your needs, and setting up your technology so it works reliably.


We respond quickly, listen well, and partner with you to help get where you want to go.  We have been at this since 2003.  We help you meet your needs so you can focus on running your business and minimize the down time that impacts the bottom line.

Reliable & Versatile

We’ve seen a lot, and bring that experience to you.  Part of our approach is to measure twice and cut once.  This means always trying to leave a way back to the existing state as we work to set up, fix and maintain so you aren’t left in or without a fix.

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