Our Mission

Outstanding technical acumen with superior customer service
for the small office and home office market


System Integration

We set up your technology with an aim towards minimizing and eliminating problems after we walk out the door. This includes Servers, Clients, Networking, Backups, Websites, Custom Coding, and other services.


[email protected]

Many IT providers offer to monitor your technology, which is a good idea.  However, much that monitoring can be automated (i.e., they are tasks or commands run on the same technology being monitored).  [email protected] automates monitoring, makes repairs when possible, and alerts us about problems so we can focus on exceptions.  Ask us how [email protected] can help your company!

Application Migration

Application Migration

A big problem for companies is setting themselves up for growth. Each company has different needs and finding the right applications is hard. We can help you find the system that will meet those needs and allow room for growth. Already have a system in place but it’s just not meeting your needs? We can find a new application and migrate the data from the old system.

What Can SoHolistic Do For You?

We will sit down with you, learn about your needs, ideas, and present you with solutions that fit your budget. Get your FREE consultation today!